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Buy 4 get 1 free sitewide without code🎉
Buy 4 get 1 free sitewide without code🎉

About Us

Our Company

Established in 2020, Curlsie is a health and beauty product brand. With its complete supply chain in China, Curlsie provides a wide range of quality face care, skin care and beauty products to a broad spectrum of consumers. 

Currently, Curlsie brought 80+ quality eyelash styles to consumers around the world. It also expanded its business to facial and eye care products in order to provide customers with one-stop shop services. This is an effort to actualized Curlsie's mission which is to make the customers always "look good and feel cool" everyday.

Curlsie's Philosophy

You see, making a statement no longer just resonates with the most coveted wardrobe piece or latest hair trend, rather wearing suitable makeup is complementary to a fashion-chic entrance that worth remembering. 

And that comes to eyelashes. Eyelashes can highlight any makeup, whether it's a natural and subtle look, or a bold, sultry and refined style. Coming across people who had the love for lash beauty but unable to afford luxury, we at Curlsie cultivated a line that was created with quality, without breaking the bank.  

Where We Are Heading To

This is just the beginning for Curlsie, we hope you can enjoy this ride with us because we aren't stopping.

Our experience in beauty industries has allowed us to expand the range to eye curler, eyelash adhesive, eyelash lift tools and other products.

Our Social Accounts

Curlsie is passionate on sharing latest news and tips with our customers. Follow our instagram, facebook, and pinterest.