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Buy 4 get 1 free sitewide without code🎉
Buy 4 get 1 free sitewide without code🎉

Curlsie's Lash Quality

Where Quality Breeds Beauty

Providing safe, high-quality eyelashes and services. With this in mind, Curlsie strives to stay ahead of customer needs by providing high-quality products and services based on our corporate philosophy of "look good and feel cool".

With a quality management system in place, we ensure that our products are of the highest level of safety and quality in all processes: from materials to manufacturer to sales and customer service.

 Our Manufacturing Process

1. Hairs are individually threaded and knotted onto the clear band.


2. Hairs are then straightened and rolled around a metal tube.


3. The rolls are then put into oven and baked to maintain the curl.


4. The lashes are then stacked, cut, shaped and packaged.


Our Quality Control Process

1. Thickness Control

2. Length and curl control

3. Package checking

4. Size sticker

Promptly Handling Product Accidents

In 2020, we systematized the provision and management of lashes. Behind this effort is the increasing speed at which information proliferates on the internet: we believe that we must respond ever more quickly to our customers to minimize any negative effects.