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Buy 4 get 1 free sitewide without code🎉

How To Pick “The Best Lashes” For Your Eye Shape

Although we have recommendations listed on navigation, something that needs to be taken into consideration is personal preferences along with lifestyle, bone structure, eye shape and the length and density of one’s natural lashes.

Whether you’re an eyelash pro or eyelash newbie wanting to enjoy the beauty of wearing false eyelashes, we’ve got tips that will be helpful to you below.

1. Round Eyes 


Round eyes are very open and alert, but if styled incorrectly, they can end up looking surprised.

The styles to look out for are lashes that are fanned out towards the outer edge of the eye and lashes that have a criss cross weave at the root of the lash band. What this does, is it imitates the natural pattern of your eyelashes, and if applied correctly, people are less able to detect that they are falsies, win win.

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Almond Eyes

Hooded Eyes

Mono Eyes

Close Set Eyes

Deep Set Eyes